Living Hitory Weekend at Wildwood Escot, Ottery St Mary, Devon

Viking Invasion at Wildwood Escot

Join us on the 11th and 12th of August for a spectacular dive into Anglo Saxon culture when the amazing Viking folk of Westencynn will be invading our Saxon Village to give you an authentic taste of Saxon costume, craft and combat!

Battle Re-enactments

Each day The Westencynn Warriors will engage in an epic battle including a terrifying shield wall charge.

They’ll demonstrate a range of weapons and how to use them in a variety of fascinating and dynamic fighting styles. And as a special treat, the bravest and most courageous of the children (10 years and under) will get the chance to prove their mettle and train with the warriors!

Early Medieval Crafts

Tour our village and have a go at spinning fleece into yarn ready to be woven into fabrics. Learn about the different breeds of sheep farmed at the time and how the Saxons made use of the different types of wool.

The village folk will be demonstrating different kinds of weaving; large pieces of fabric being made on a warp weighted loom and tablet braid being woven on an Osberg loom.

Watch as a variety of wild plants and vegetables are used to make dyes for an array of different colours and learn how before knitting and crochet were invented, the Saxons used nalbinding to make hats, gloves and socks from wool.

See how a stained-glass window was made in Saxon times and find out where they were used.

Have a go at grinding flour to make dough and bake it into bread in the authentic clay oven.

Try your hand carving with ancient tools on a pole lathe and a shave horse.

Spend some time in our authentic Saxon forge, chat to the smithy and learn what types of tools, weapons, utensils and ornaments were made at the time.

Timetable for Saturday and Sunday:

  • 10am Saxon Village opens
  • 12am Arena display by warriors
  • 1pm Falconry display
  • 2:30 Kiddie vike – hands-on fighting fun for kids 10yrs and under
  • 3:00 Afternoon warrior battle
  • 5pm show closes (4pm Sunday)

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