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Cavog is very excited to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee!

Cavog is very excited to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee! He’s decorated the site, convinced the restaurant team to serve Jubilee Afternoon Teas (2nd to 5th June) and he’s been trying on different crowns around the site, the only problem is, he doesn’t remember where he left them all!

Can you find all the crowns around the site at Kents Cavern? They could be in the cave, woodland trail, front garden, or throughout the building.

Keep a tally of the crowns that you find during your visit and claim a prize for helping Cavog!


IN THE CAVES THE BLACK OUT Experience total darkness as the guide extinguishes the shell fire torch All ages
ROCKS AND MINERALS Discover how caves are formed, and all about the growth of stalagmites and stalactites All ages
STONE AGE PEOPLE Find out what cave people looked like and where they travelled from All ages
THE WOODLAND TRAIL The PALAEO-TRAIL Learn about the different skills needed to survive during the Stone Age 7+
ICE AGE ANIMAL HUNT Discover life size replicas of Ice Age animals 2+
SHELTER BUILDING  Using natural resources, build a shelter in the woods 7+
TRIBAL CODE BREAKERS Find the symbols, crack the code and discover where the tribe members went 10+
JOIN THE TRIBE Which tribe will you join?  Mammoth, Elk, Cave Bear or Hyena?  Collect your sticker! All ages
The PALAEO-TABLE Handle genuine and replica Stone Age tools 7+
STONE AGE CRAFT ZONE VICTORIAN EXPLORERS Discover who excavated the caves and how they did it All ages
THE DIG Search for gem stones and fossils in sand All ages

All of these activities are included in the cost of your cave ticket.

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