Easter Egglow at Kents Cavern Prehistoric Caves

All tours during the Easter holidays include a quest and the Easter underground illuminations!

What’s that glowing in the cave? Is it a torch? Is it a lantern? No, it’s an Egg! But how many can you find hiding in the cave?

Join us this holiday for Easter Egglow, a brand new event for 2020. See spectacular illuminations as one of our fantastic guides leads you through the cave. See how many glowing eggs you can find as you go and you might just earn yourself a seasonal treat!


  • First things first, you need to choose which tribe you belong to, Woolly Mammoth, Hyena, Cave Bear or Elk. Head to the craft centre and have your face painted in your tribe’s colours.
  • Take a stroll through our woods and take part in The Stone Age Trail, Spear Throwing, Ice Age Animal Hunt and Shelter Building!
  • When you’ve been outside for long enough, head back inside to our craft centre and make your own craft woolly mammoth for free! (other craft activities are available at an extra cost).
  • Whilst your mammoth is drying, visit our new Stone Age exhibition to see if you can use a prehistoric drill to make holes in stones or try scratch your way through an antler with flint knives
  • If that wasn’t enough, you can even excavate our sandboxes for hidden fossils just like an archaeologist, AND if you find any gemstones in the sand you can keep them!

All of these activities are included in the cost of your cave ticket.

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