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Join us this half term for some spooooky activities

Apart from our regular tours, there will be some Halloween themed activities for you to enjoy.

Join the underground pumpkin hunt and look for pumpkins our mascot Cavog has hidden in the caves. If you find the correct number, you will be treated.

If you more drawn to bats, there is a hunt as well. They will be hidden around the Woodland trail. Each bat has a missing word on it, find all the words to claim your bat expert card. You can also make your own bat friendĀ and take it home with you.

We won’t forget our pumpkin lovers. If you guess the weight of our pumpkin correctly, you will win tickets to explore Exeter Underground Passages.

There will be a stone age activity as well. Show your skills at the pumpkin spear throwing. Can you hit the target and spear the pumpkin, just like a Stone Age people?

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