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Visit Kents Cavern this Half Term and celebrate our links to the coast.

Visit Kents Cavern this May Half Term and celebrate our links to the coast. Our cave is situated 5 minutes from the sea, and evidence found inside proves that our ancient ancestors were using it as a resource for survival.  They left behind harpoons that were used for fishing and scallop shells which they used to contain fire in the cave.

Take part in the following activities all week at Kents Cavern, all included in your admissions ticket!


  • Learn about harpoons and other artefacts that were found inside.
  • Experience the cave by the same firelight that your Stone Age ancestors used. Fires in scallop shells will light up a whole chamber of the cave.
  • Witness the famous Kents Cavern blackout when the shellfires are extinguished.


  • Handle real and replica artefacts at The Palaeotable. We’ll be showing off some of the different hunting tools used by Stone Age people. Can you figure out which were used to hunt on land and which were used to hunt at sea? Recommended age 5+
  • Discover how your ancestors used stone drills to make holes in teeth and shells to make jewellery before making your very own shell pendant necklace. Recommended age 3+
  • Try your hand at being an archaeologist and excavate our sand boxes for artefacts. If you’re lucky you might even find gemstones and sharks teeth which you can take home with you. Recommended age 2+


Take part in the Ice Age Animal Hunt and discover the giant beasts that roamed Torquay with your ancestors. Recommended age 2+

  • Discover the skills that Stone Age people developed in order to survive and thrive on the PalaeoTrail. Recommended age 7+
  • Find the symbols, crack the code and discover where the tribe members went when you do the Tribal Codebreakers activity. Recommended age 10+
  • Use natural resources to build your very own den on our shelter building platform. Recommended age 7


Wednesday 31st May and Thursday 1st June.

Join Britain’s leading Prehistoric Technologist Karl Lee at Kents Cavern on Wednesday 31st May and Thursday 1st June and experience the process of making a prehistoric harpoon.

Meet Karl at the end of your cave tour. He’ll demonstrate how Stone Age people would split, shape, smooth and carve their harpoons before readying them to use.

  • Dates: Wednesday 31st May and Thursday 1st June
  • Times: Karls demonstrations will be held at the end of your cave tour lasting approx 10 minutes.
  • Recommended: This demonstration is suitable for all ages and will be especially useful for children in Key Stage 2 learning about the Stone Age.
  • Cost: Included with your cave tour on the days shown.

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