Mammoth Donkeys arrive at the centre this season. They are just incredible.

The Miniature Pony Centre on Dartmoor is really pleased to announce the two new members of our equine family, Jackson and Colorado.

These beautiful boys are a breed of donkey called the American Mammoth and they really live up to their name. Jackson stands at 15.2 hands high and Colorado is still growing. These donkeys’ ears can reach 33” in height, which is only 1” shorter than our Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys!

Don’t be put off by their size though, there is nothing that Jackson and Colorado like more than a massive cuddle. The American Mammoth were developed from a variety of European donkeys imported to the USA. George Washington was one of the people responsible for trying to improve the American livestock and large, strong mules were needed for agricultural use.

We are now getting them used to their daily routine ready for our opening on 30th March. We have absolutely no doubt that you will be in awe of their two gigantic heads leaning over the gate underneath two pairs of gargantuan ears. They are our new must see attraction and will tower over our miniatures and foals.

We think that our customers will absolutely fall in love with these two gentle giants just as we have.

For more information on our opening times and events please visit our website.