Attraction’s Observation Tower Reconnecting Families with Local Birdlife
  1. An observation Tower at award-winning attraction River Dart Country Park in Ashburton, Devon, is helping people reconnect with birdlife. The Tower is proving to be the perfect vantage point for bird watchers of all ages. Standing at approximately 25-foot-tall and elevated amongst the beautiful surrounded wooded landscape, the Tower is the ideal structure for year-long wildlife observation.

Completed in 2018, the Tower structure has two levels that can be accessed by ladder-style steps. The various narrow openings on the faces of the Tower make for excellent treetop observation.

Located at River Dart Country Park within Dartmoor National Park, visitors have experienced a wide range of birdlife from inside the Tower. Birdwatchers have witnessed a range of species from Green Woodpeckers to House Sparrows.

“Since completion, we have seen lots of families enjoying the Tower in the Park. We are located in such a beautiful part of the country and the wooden structure is proving popular with all ages. Feedback has been extremely positive with visitors explaining that the Tower is a fun way to experience vast birdlife during a family day out. We hope that the Tower continues to act as the perfect way to help reconnect children and families to our region’s incredible birdlife.” – Gareth Hack, River Dart Country Park


Observation Tower

The Tower proving popular with all ages.

Great wildlife watching views

The view from inside the Tower at River Dart Country Park.

Bird spotting sign

What birds can you spot?

The Tower from ground level.

The elevated structure amongst the woodland.