New Devon Roller Coaster Theme Park Ride at The Milky Way Adventure Park

The Milky Way Adventure Park’s exciting new ride has finally been revealed … it’s Ziggy’s Blast Quest! This exciting new ride, which is aimed at providing fun and thrills for the whole family, opened  on Sunday April 7 – and is already a huge hit!

Billed as ‘a fun and exciting interactive experience’, the ride is totally unique to the UK, and open to all over 80cm tall (children 0.8m to 1.2m tall must be accompanied by an adult). Visitors to the attraction are welcomed to Earth Base Zero … and invited to join Ziggy’s Quest to save Planet Earth. They’re told how the Earth’s defence system has been destroyed by meteors and asteroids, then pilot Cyber Scooters to destroy the space rocks by shooting at them with Blasteroid Lasers. Riders are given a score at the end of the adventure – and of course, this also adds a competitive element to the fun.

The new ride, the latest in an ever-growing list of new additions to thisaward-winning theme park, is expected to be a huge hit with visitors of all ages. “We’re so excited to again be able to offer something new for our visitors – and we think they’re really going to love Ziggy’s Blast Quest,” says The Milky Way partner Tara Stanbury.