Discover Exeter’s Fine Art Collection
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Discover Exeter’s Fine Art Collection

Since the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery was founded in the 1860s, it has benefitted from the support of donors, benefactors and funding bodies. Shining a light on the often overlooked topic of museum funding, this exhibition showcases the quality and diversity of Exeter’s Fine Art Collection, which is in large part thanks to the generosity and foresight of these supporters, past and present.

The changing tastes and priorities of collectors and benefactors can be tracked through this display- scenes of historical and classical subjects were especially popular among the museum’s Victorian supporters, while some more recent acquisitions have focused on modern and contemporary art inspired by the Devon landscape.

Some of RAMM’s most important and well-loved works will be on display, including J.M.W. Turner’s ‘Buckfastleigh Abbey’ and William Frith’s ‘The Fair Toxophilites’.

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