Spoon making workshop at the museum | Devon's Top Attractions
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Inspired by RAMM’s important 16th/17th Century silver spoon collection, make a very personal spoon of your own.

Before the early 18th century, when eating utensils such as spoons, knives and forks began to be made in sets, people carried their own spoon and knife to use wherever they would eat. The silver spoon was seen as symbol of status and pride. Although some were quite plain, many displayed beautiful ornaments such as the squirrel pictured. They might be purchased at great expense or received as a gift, including from wealthy godparents at christenings.

Design and mould your own ornament, known as a ‘finial’, which can be anything you choose, and add it to the wooden spoon. Then paint the whole piece in silver and even highlight in gold for that luxurious effect.

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