Youth Panel exhibition at RAMM
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Curated by the RAMM's Youth Panel

Over the last few months, RAMM’s Youth Panel (generously funded by the Art Fund) have worked passionately to curate an exhibition that invites the audience to reconsider their relationship with the plant world.

During the process, members of the Youth Panel humbly identified themselves as writers, researchers and artists, in a bid to expressively call to attention our damaging habits of food consumption in a society of increased global food insecurity.

Under the guiding hand of artistic director, Amy Shelton, the members channelled independent thought and artistic instinct to create the artworks for this exhibition. In working towards the display, ‘Picked and Pressed’ inspired a blend of nostalgic thinking, scientific research, inventive conversations, and an unravelling of personal stories.

With the support of:
Robin Harford (EatWeeds), Natasha Freedman & Amy Shelton (Honeyscribe) & Anthony Wilson

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