A light-hearted competition to engage people in positive thoughts

The theme is nature - go wild and let your mind run free!

The power of language…

I am no professional writer – sure, English Literature was one of my stronger subjects at school (when you compare my grades to my appalling maths ones that is) but I really do love to write. I find the creative process of reflective writing to be thought-provoking and feel it brings a real sense of emotional connection between my personal and professional life.

To write and publish one’s thoughts, feelings and memories is a very personal thing but in times such as these, where physical interactions and encounters are so limited, there is great pleasure to be found in reading and writing. In a time when we simply can’t go out for many new adventures, physically immerse ourselves in nature too much, eat at gorgeous restaurants or meet with friends, I think this presents the perfect time to reflect – take time to revisit amazing memories or experiences that you have shared with friends and family and talk about things which have made you smile and made your life feel fulfilled.

“I never tire of cruising
The estuary and surrounds
With seasonal moods, the wildlife
The history and the sounds.

The interest of the waters
The stories of the shore
Of the famous and their buildings
From those who’ve gone before.”

I am genuinely terrible at poetry but Jake’s granny’s partner is rather good at it. David wrote the above and gave it to me when we last enjoyed a Sunday Roast together. In his poem, David recounts his experiences and feelings whilst cruising the tranquil Exe Estuary and this got me thinking….

…let’s do a poetry competition?!

I propose the following guidelines for entries:

1) The theme is nature
2) You will not be penalised if your poem is not related to A) The water or B) Boats !!!!
3) There are no other rules – go wild and let your mind run free!

If you’d like to join in, please submit your entries to us via email [email protected]. Jake and I will read every single one and our favourite(s) will win a gift voucher to be used on one of our award-winning Guided Bird Watching Cruises to be used next season (once this all blows over – which it will, by the way)!

I hereby pledge that I too will write my poem and I will share it on social media. Come on don’t be shy, let’s engage in whatever ways we can, have fun and share a smile or two!


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Take great care.

Lauren X

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