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We are opening our doors for a special two hour event that allows families and people with autism to enjoy our exhibits without the noise and distraction of our daily shows. Visitors will be able to explore all of our exhibits without the normal daytime crowds, so the focus is truly on our amazing animals. We are currently studying the therapeutic properties of Aquaria and how it relaxes us all, and we see this event as a way families can experience that tranquillity on their own terms. The event is tailored for people with autism and other sensory needs.

Here at the NMA, we acknowledge that creating  an inclusive environment sometimes means to lower the noise levels for visitors to enjoy an evening at the Aquarium which is fun and comfortable for everyone. As an afterhours event, it is also an exclusive chance for visitors to enjoy the Aquarium’s serene exhibits and meet all of our 4000 animals at night.

Carers and under 3’s can come along for free.  Event starts at 5pm on the 17th of November 2018.


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