Special talk: Saint's Rest

Saint’s Rest: Exeter Dissenters and their Graveyard

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A talk by Dr Ian Varndell

In the years between 1748 and 1854 more than 1500 Protestant Dissenters were buried in a small graveyard on the south side of Magdalen Street just outside Exeter’s city walls. Within 30 years of closure the site was neglected and largely remained so until 2014 when a Trust was set up to acquire, improve and maintain this historic site.
Biographies of many of the people and families buried in the graveyard have been pieced together by an enthusiastic research group and Dr Ian Varndell, will talk about the history of the site, the renovation work that has been carried out, and he will give an insight into a few of the individuals buried and commemorated in the graveyard.
Dr Ian Varndell is a retired bioscientist and company director who is interested in historic landscapes, including burial grounds.

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