Mission Control has lost contact with one of its satellite laboratories!
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Mission Control has lost contact with one of its satellite laboratories. They have called on you, their latest Space Cadets to take the Space Tram Shuttle and relocate and reconnect the satellite! You’re a Cadet, so we’ll have to go through basic training on the way... What could go wrong!?

Your shuttle Captain will take you on a guided mission, where you will learn all about space & engineering. Quick thinking and improvisation will be needed. In space, anything can happen. Solve puzzles, complete tasks and help your captain reconnect the Terrestrial Relocation and Mission Satellite – or “T.R.A.M.S” for short. Discover the wonders of space on the way and take part in real engineering problems!

This two-hour experience transports you from the real world into an enclosed interactive event that is not to be missed!

The Space Tram lifts off at 11:00hrs, 13:00hrs & 15:00 hrs.

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