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Become a ranger and find all the dinosaurs for your prize....

For the summer holidays (28th July to 1st September), we’re hosting our very own Dinosaur Trail here at the Dartmouth Steam Railway & River Boat Company.

Come face to face with dinosaurs both big and small lurking in the woods and alongside the track on the trail. Don’t forget to ROOAARRR at them to keep them at bay!!

Let the kids become a dino ranger to locate the T-rex and all the other dino’s – some familiar and some less so. We really need your help to spot all our escaped dinosaurs along our railway line. Eek! As you spot each one you fill in the missing letter on your ranger sheet and when you’ve spotted them all we can bring them all safely home and you can claim your reward. Just ask at Paignton for your ranger sheet.

Psssst….. Actually, this event is for everyone – so just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t roar too. 🙂
Just have a great adventure and make some great memories!

Go get ‘em……

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