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Calling all you Ancient Britons of the Dumnonii!

Sat 24 Jul | 11am to 4pm | Drop-in (free) | In RAMM’s Garden

The Roman army is advancing on Isca to impress on you how worthwhile it would be to embrace and become part of the Roman Empire.

Beside Exeter’s Roman wall, a cohort from Legio Secunda Augusta, one of Europe’s pre-eminent Roman re-enactment groups will talk to you about life in the army, demonstrating tactics that make them such a formidable fighting force and discussing all the benefits of what Rome can offer Ancient British daily lives.

There will be the chance to interact with the soldiers during the presentation and helping to test the effectiveness of their ‘Testudo’. There will be time for questions and photo opportunities and meet some Roman civilians, who will be offering displays of weaving, dying, medicine and other activities.

Should you wish to discuss any access requirements, please give us a call on 01392 265960

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