Talk and musical experience on the work of Ralph Vaughan Williams
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Friends of RAMM celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Williams

Ralph Vaughan Williams was born in 1872.  Friends of RAMM celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of one of England’s greatest composers with a talk by Raymond Calcraft and live music from Hilary Boxer and David Davies. The illustrated talk with recorded musical excerpts looks at Vaughan Williams’ interest in folksong and its importance to his music, his contribution to this country’s cultural history and his remarkable musical legacy.

During the talk, Hilary Boxer plays each of the melodies from RVW’s ‘Six Studies in English Folk Song’ (1926), followed by a full performance by Hilary and David Davies of the piece written for cello and piano.

Raymond Calcraft, a former Senior Lecturer at Exeter University, was director of the Exeter Philharmonic Choir for many years.  He has conducted and recorded several choral and orchestral works by Vaughan Williams, and published a number of articles on the composer and his music.

Hilary Boxer and David Davies are well-known throughout Devon and beyond for their fine musicianship.  David is the organist of Buckfast Abbey and formerly organist of Exeter Cathedral.

Image:   The young Vaughan Williams

With great regret, this event planned for May 2022 was cancelled due to the serious ill health of Raymond Calcraft.  Friends of RAMM are delighted that he has made a good recovery.  Not only is the event reinstated, but the programme is now longer than originally planned.

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