Underfoot and Overlooked: History and conservation of Axminster carpets
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History and conservation of Axminster carpets

The great 18th and 19th hand-knotted British carpets enriching the interiors of many historic houses are often ignored. The famous Adam designed Axminster made by Thomas Whitty for Saltram House is officially recognised and an exception. Many other fine carpets were woven in the West Country in Axminster, Exeter and Frome and, thanks to conservation work, are still underfoot.

Heather Tetley, Accredited Carpet Conservator, discusses the design and manufacture of 18th century Axminster carpets and the connection to local trades in Exeter and other wool towns. She illustrates the 21st century conservation treatment undertaken in The Tetley Workshop in Devon and Wiltshire and on site in iconic great houses and palaces including Dumfries House, Stourhead, Rockbeare Manor, Buckingham Palace and Chatsworth.

This talk will take place online on Zoom. Details will be emailed to you in advance of the date. Recording available to ticket holders by request to RAMM until 4 Feb.

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