Watermouth Castle family day out

I went to Watermouth Castle near Ilfracombe with my Mum, Dad and little sister Bea – and we had the BEST time! Mum asked me to write down my top 5 favourite things about it so other people know that it’s brilliant too, but I’ve written 6 ½ because that’s my age. It’s a good job she’s not written it else this would be a VERY long list.

  1. The rides
    We’ve been to Watermouth Castle before, but I love it every time we go because each time I discover a new ride that I love! When I was small I didn’t want to go on everything, and now I’m big I do. Mind you, my little sister is 3 and she already goes on everything (she’s pretty brave). We always go on the aeroplanes first – they swoop up and down and you get to control them with a stick! Then we go on the old-fashioned roundabout (I like the hot air balloon best) and swinging boat. This time we went on the Toboggan Ride – it’s new and really, really fast (if you go on with Dad, Mum’s really slow and puts the brakes on). After that, it’s the Cooking Pots that spin round and round. We all love the Big River Ride too, except my sister, because she always gets wet. Haha!
  2. The machines
    At Watermouth Castle they have lots and lots of really old machines that you put money into so they do things – like the ones at the arcade, but funnier and much cheaper. Mum says some of them must be 100 years old (so she probably played with them when she was little). Some of them only cost 1 or 2 pence – and they make horses race, and you see funny pictures, and all sorts of things. They also have lots of machines that let you press buttons and you watch puppets sing songs and stuff – my little sister loves those (and I do a little bit too).
  3. The water balloons
    This is THE BEST! This summer we had a water balloon fight – me and Dad against Mum and Bea. It was brilliant fun throwing the balloons using the big catapults – and Mum got DRENCHED!!
  4. The food
    I always try to make us late when we’re getting ready to go to Watermouth Castle so that Mum doesn’t get time to pack sandwiches. That way we get to buy food there – they do great sausages and chips, as well as ice-creams and fudge. Mind you, I have to be careful not to get Mum too cross or she says I won’t get an ice-cream … it’s a tricky line to tread.
  5. The playgrounds
    There are two really cool adventure playgrounds at Watermouth Castle – Mum and dad say they like them too because they get to sit down with a coffee while me and Bea run around and leave them alone. Huh!
  6. The dungeons
    I LOVE all things clanky and spooky, and at Watermouth Castle they’re got really cool dungeons to explore. You can look into shops and things as they were into the Olden Days (Mum says this’ll help with my history lessons at school), and there are lots of secret passages and doors – but I love the Hall of Mirrors best – we all look so funny!

½     Going home – It was hard to think of something that gets half a point. But I decided to say going home. It gets half a point because usually I love going home, but I don’t like leaving Watermouth Castle. I think everyone should go there.