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Exmoor zoo has been granted access to emergency funding for the governments Covid-19 Zoo emergency fund.

The emergency grant will enable us to maintain the welfare of the animals until the end of July. This relives a tremendous amount of pressure on the zoo and means at least for a little while the animals can come first……

This grant is an emergency fund and is only meant to protect the wellbeing of the animals in the zoo and this is what it will achieve. Only zoos within 6 weeks of closing are eligible to receive this grant and they must prove no other means of available income or loan from the government initiatives.

We still need your help too enable the zoo to continue after the funding runs out in July.  Any donations you have recently given us we will try and keep back for when the grant runs out as no further protection or income for the animals exists after this…………

Exmoor zoo is very rural and we are totally reliant on the tourist hospitality trade. It seems that there may not be any tourism for the South-west at all this year. Therefore, the longer we can get into winter with your help in the form of donations the better our chance of surviving. At least until more normal social activities such as holidays and visits can begin again, hopefully next year.

In the meantime, we will keep you all posted on Facebook www.facebook.com/exmoorzoo and our website www.exmoorzoo.co.uk about what the zoo is doing and any news about the animals but please if you can, think about us and consider a donation. If we are lucky, we may be able to open weekends at least once August is here! We certainly would like to, but it all depends on the restrictions from the government and enough visitors to pay essential staff brought back from furlough.

A really big thank you from all the animals and everybody here at the zoo for all your help and generosity but please do not forget us…………… winter has yet to come!

Please give if you can to Exmoor Zoo’s “Save our zoo fund”, https://www.gofundme.com/f/save-our-zoo The costs still remain the same about £5,000.00 per week to care and look after the animals.


Ebony - Exmoor zoo black panther

Exmoor Zoo - 3 kittens

Exmoor Zoo - Bush dogs