The Top 5 Most Instagrammable Locations at River Dart Country Park

With over 90 acres of parkland and playgrounds, River Dart Country Park is a great place to get the perfect snap! Located within Dartmoor National Park, the site is immersed in the beauty of rural Devon.

Here are the top 5 most Instagrammable locations at the Park…

5. The Pirate Ship Lake

Pirate Ship Lake at River Dart Country Park

The Pirate Ship Lake is popular with kids looking to climb aboard the Jolly Dart and Desert Island! You’ll have to get to the park early if you want to capture the mirrored effect above though!

4. The High Ropes Course

Tree lined High Ropes Course

There is a great spot on the bank opposite the High Ropes Course. Cross the Canoe Lake and you get a beautiful view that is slightly elevated and looks down to the left. The best part of all, that spectacular tree line!

3. The River Bank 

The River Dart

The River Dart runs through the site and the river banks act like natural platforms. They give photographers an ideal vantage point for snapping the natural beauty below. You might spot some incredible wildlife in this particular area too!

2. The Front Lawn

Holne Park House located at River Dart Country Park

The Front Lawn offers a picturesque view of Holne Park House. An award-winning wedding and corporate venue. This is the quintessential English Country Garden photo here, without a doubt.

1. The Adventure Playgrounds

Adventure Playgrounds at River Dart Country Park

The Adventure Playground areas are great for photographers looking to experiment with shade and light. The trees allow narrow beams of light in and make for epic sunny day shots!